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Why Body Massage Spa is Good For Health? How Many Massage Session is Good?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

First of all body massage and spa is really good for health if you are taking this from a professional therapist. It is good for skin, body pain, mind relaxation and good blood circulation. When you plan to take body massage you should make you check list ready for this. you should know all the pro and cons for the body massage therapist.

How Many Times You Should Take Body Massage Session?

You should not take body massage or spa sessions daily or repeatedly. Going massage parlour everyday pr alternative day can be bad for health, also this can be an addiction of taking body massage. Specially from a lady or female to male spa.

  • So Ideally twice or thrice a month take massage session is good for your health.

How to identify a good spa massage centre?

  1. First you should check the locality of the Spa location ( market area or vip area )

  2. Spa listings online to check social proof - nearby, google, QA sites, just dial, classified

  3. New you have to check the spa massage centre ratings - what people say?

  4. Ask the price and and book an appointment

  5. Visit and learn about price and spa services they are offering

  6. Ask if they provide female choice ( if yes then not fully professional )

  7. Make sure they have shower and privacy

  8. Type of therapist - Local girls or north east girls ( new or professional )

  9. If they are demanding extra cost inside then its not a professional spa

  10. Ask them about therapy for pain or relaxation therapy ( must have solution )

  11. Ask them if they have any membership options

  12. Look at the spa looks and ambiance

massage centre in baner
Luxury spa looks

spa near by baner
Spa ambiance in pune

Master Tip Before and After Taking Spa Massage Session:

  1. Don't take body massage after eating your breakfast, or lunch.

  2. Drink a glass of water before massage session

  3. After massage shower and green tea is must.

Few Famous Spa Massage Centre in Pune:

Arth Thai Spas - 4.5 Star Rating
Arth Thai Spas - 3.7 Star Rating
Suhana Spa in Deccan - 4.7 Star Rating
Royal Oak Spas - 4.1 Star Rating
Blue Sea Thai Spa - 4.5 Star Rating
Arth Thai Spas - 4.5 Star Rating

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